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When Should You Start Your Senior Living Search?

When is the right time to start your search for senior living? The answer is simple: now.


There are moments in life where once you try something new — sushi, scuba diving, samba lessons – you wonder why you waited so long. The same can be said for deciding when to move to senior living. When you visit a community on your senior living search, if you ask residents for one piece of advice about their move, many of them will say, “I wish I’d done it sooner.” If you need a little help with activities of daily living, moving to a senior living community now can help you continue to live the life you enjoy. While every situation is different, you may want to consider the four points listed below as you weigh your options.

Is Now the Time to Start Your Senior Living Search?

Whether you’re looking at independent living or assisted living for a little added support, there are a number of benefits to making the move sooner rather than later.

Oh, the possibilities: Are there rooms in your house you rarely go into? Are you ready to stop dealing with household chores and home upkeep? By rightsizing your life with a move to a senior living community, you’ll have the freedom to volunteer, pursue your interests and goals or just relax knowing everything is taken care of. A move to a senior living community gives you fewer responsibilities and more possibilities.

Get going: Moving to a senior living community gives you even more opportunities to enjoy life. You’ll have convenient access to a huge array of activities, amenities, and services right outside your door. Some communities even offer intergenerational programs, volunteer service projects, continuing education classes and more, right on-site. Plus you’ll have plenty of friendly, social neighbors. And of course, you can still stay involved with your current activities.

Healthier living: Research shows that the social opportunities a community provides can help improve your overall health. Plus most communities offer nutrition programs and fitness options to help you meet your wellness goals. And having a healthier lifestyle means you’ll be able to maintain your independence and keep living life on your terms.

Peace of mind: Making the move to a community now can help relieve a lot of uncertainty and anxiety by putting you in control of your future. You’ve already downsized, and you no longer have to worry about home maintenance. Plus, many communities offer other levels of care, including long-term care, so you won’t have to worry about what to do during an unexpected health emergency. Your decision also lifts the burden about your future care off of your family.

When You Move Matters

If you’re trying to figure out when to move to a senior living community, timing is everything. One additional consideration is that, as you age, moving will get more physically and mentally challenging. The more able-bodied and healthier you are, the easier it is to handle the transition.

If you’re ready to find an option that fits your lifestyle with the level of support you want, start your senior living search by reviewing thousands of communities with our Where You Live Matters community finder.

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