Senior Living Communities Play a Vital Role in Overcoming Social Isolation and Loneliness
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Senior Living Resources

Where You Live Matters was created by the American Seniors Housing Association to answer your questions about senior living. These research-based resources can help you know what your senior living options are, learn how living in a senior living community can benefit you now and help secure your future, and equip you to make the decision that’s just right for you.


So whether you want to know how much assisted living costs, why aging in community is better for you, or what life is like in an active senior living community, you’ll find the articles, tools and lifestyle information you need. And if you’d like to visit a community near you, visit our find a community page.

Not sure where to start? Download this free guide: “Exploring Senior Living.” It defines terms you need to know, helps you think through lifestyle and wellness goals, and offers tips for planning ahead.

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