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Where You Live Matters

Introducing the New Online Voice of the Senior Living Industry

Today’s online space in senior living is fragmented and confusing for consumers with thousands of websites vying for the public’s attention. Where You Live Matters is different.

Originally created by the American Senior Housings Association (ASHA) in 2016, the new Where You Live Matters is designed to break through the clutter and become a top online destination for people seeking unbiased information and direct access to individual communities.

Our goal is lofty. But as the only nonprofit, free online resource offering better insight into senior living and the value it brings to millions of seniors nationwide, we’re operating from a position of strength.

Learn more from ASHA's CEO, David Schless

Fueled by Passion, Not Profit

We are fueled by a passion for helping seniors thrive and a belief that community life enhances lives. While there are many paid online referral and contract services for people who need extra help or cannot search on their own, we’re designed for consumers who prefer a do-it-yourself approach with an unbiased, not-for-profit resource that operates free from financial motivation.

The Power of Participation

Why participate? Because we’re better – and stronger – together. We offer what other online resources can’t – the proactive engagement of thousands of community members who support an industry-backed online resource. Because we are a 501 c (6) nonprofit organization, we don’t have the financial resources many for-profit services have. However, as participation increases, we’ll not only become a stronger industry voice, we’ll also be a more effective online resource, delivering more unpaid qualified traffic and ultimately leads.

How to Participate?

  1. Create Account
    The first step to unlocking the benefits for your community (and the industry)
    is to create your account. To create your account, simply fill in the requested fields. ASHA will send you an email verifying your account. After you receive a verification email you may claim and make changes to your community listing(s).
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  2. Log in | Manage Your Listing
    After your account is verified by ASHA, you must log in with a username (email) and password to claim and further manage your listing(s). Once you log in, you will be directed to a page that lists your community(ies). Once you select the community you wish to view and/or edit, you will be directed to your community page. As you review your listing, it’s important to make sure everything is accurate: the community description, NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number), photos, etc
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  3. Linking to Where You Live Matters
    Adding links to Where You Live Matters, such as logos, online resources and community profiles, boosts SEO performance for your organization and Where You Live Matters.
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Managing Community Listings FAQs

Ethical Marketing Practices is dedicated to the use of ethical marketing practices so families can make informed and objective decisions about their living options and care, free from commercial influences. Unlike other online resources, we are not a third-party contract or paid service. We connect consumers directly to the local communities that best meets their needs.

How we’re different:

  • We won’t sell or profit from consumer information in any way.
  • We never share consumer information with anyone without express written consent.
  • We believe in full transparency when it comes to communication and information about our membership, communities and supporting partnerships.
  • We don’t pressure consumers into acting before they are ready, or misrepresent price or reviews.
  • We never promote one community over another. We let the consumer decide.
  • We believe the most important step for consumers is to talk with and visit communities before deciding.