Find Community

Real Residents. Real Stories.

We think community living can improve all aspects of daily life, but why take our word for it. Hear it from those who know best … real residents.

Welcome From Day One

Being nervous about the unknown is normal, but the kindness Pat & Ken received from strangers (now friends) made them feel welcome on day 1.

Community life brings together many people with interesting life stories. I love that aspect because we all bring something new to the table.
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Finding Home and Happiness

Sally explains how community life helped a New Yorker find home (and happiness) in her new southern community.

What did I find when I moved to my community? Comfort, activity, convenience and super nice people. Above all else … family.
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Good Genes and Daily Joy

Sarah says good genes is probably how she’s made it to 96 but adds that finding things that bring you joy helps, too.