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How Much Does Senior Living Cost?

It’s often the first question asked – and with good reason. But rarely is the answer black and white.

Plan Today for Better Living Tomorrow

Before diving into the cost of senior living, there’s a lot to think about. What kind of retirement do you want to enjoy? What are your health needs? What happens if needs change? What makes more sense for you – staying where you are or moving to a community?

Planning for senior living early secures the future you want. And the earlier you start, the more confident you’ll feel. Here you’ll find information, tools and resources to help you with your planning. It’s all designed to give you a better understanding of the value and cost of senior living, as well as the financial avenues available to you. Find out why it’s important to plan now. 

The Value of Senior Living

Senior living communities do more than provide a place to live. They offer active lifestyles, maintenance-free living, social activities, opportunities to engage, support and assistance if it’s needed – and peace of mind for both residents and families. Having a sense of community and waking up each day to a vibrant life, can make a big difference in quality of life – and you can’t put a price on that.

Assess Your Senior Living Options

From active adult to independent and assisted living communities, there are senior living options for every need, every preference and every budget. Take an in-depth look at the different types of senior living communities and see what lifestyle best meets your needs. Explore your senior living options.

Understanding the Costs

One size does not fit all. Just like buying or renting a house or apartment, the cost of a senior living community greatly varies depending on factors like size of accommodation, amenities, services, contracts, care levels and location.

When you decide on a community, not only will life be easier and more engaging, you will also be eliminating many “hidden” costs associated with owning a house.When you add up property taxes, maintenance, lawn service, insurance, utilities, repairs, potential in-home care costs, transportation and social activities, you may find the price of aging in place in your house is more than you imagined. See how community life compares to your current living situation by completing an easy cost comparison sheet. House vs Community Worksheet

How Families Pay for Senior Living

Senior living is more affordable than most people think — especially when comparing the cost to remaining at home. More importantly,  the value it brings to life is priceless. While most people use proceeds from the sale of their house, personal savings and Social Security income, there are other ways to supplement how you pay. Understanding the financial avenues available to you will help you form a more accurate picture of what you can afford. Explore your financial options.

Shop. Visit. Compare.

Cost-comparison sites aren’t always accurate. Visiting communities and talking with their teams is the best way to understand what goes into pricing and how it varies. A personal call or visit also provides an opportunity to compare prices and negotiate directly with the community.

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