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Understanding the Senior Living Landscape

Have you started your search for senior living for your loved one and feel overwhelmed? Download our Exploring Senior Living guide today!

Exploring Senior Living for a Loved One

As a caregiver, if you’ve been noticing any signs that your parent or loved one requires more assistance, you may be considering whether a senior living community is the right choice for them. We understand what a critical decision this can be for the entire family. Looking at how, and where, elderly parents live is crucial to ensuring their well-being.

Many options are available for long-term senior housing and retirement communities, and choosing the right one may seem an overwhelming decision. But it’s not an insurmountable task. The first step is understanding what types of senior living may be available and identifying what those options can provide.

Our helpful guide, Exploring Senior Living, is a great place to start. The guide gives you a thorough, unbiased overview of the different types of senior care options, such as stand-alone Independent Living and Assisted Living communities, and Life Plan Communities. It also provides plenty of questions to consider, and the information to help you answer them, so you can knowledgeably and confidently plan your decision.

You’ll find plenty of useful input like:

  • Wellness check
    Determine the areas of wellness your loved one may be doing well in – and where they may not be.
  • Staying at home
    Are you aware of all the true costs of your loved one remaining in a house, including items like age-related upgrades so a house stays safe and accessible?
  • Finding and paying for care
    Compare the cost and value of a senior living community with the costs of staying the house or bringing in home health care.
  • Caregiving
    Recognize all the factors to take into account as a primary caregiver, including time, costs and changes to a relationship.

The earlier you evaluate the current needs of your loved one and how those needs may evolve over time, the more choices and control you’ll have.

Considering a senior living community is a big step, but when you have the information you need, you can make the decision that’s best for you and your whole family.

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