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Finding the Right Fit for Older Adults

Watch our video on how to find the right retirement living solution for seniors. See what one resident says about their community.

Finding the Right Fit for Older Adults: Retirement Living in a Senior Community

When you enter your golden years, you begin to think about retirement living. However, not everyone has to choose the same style of living after leaving their working years. Learn about how some seniors view retirement living in a senior community.

Video Transcript

Gloria Rubak, Senior Living Resident: “Life is like home. It’s interesting…if I’m out somewhere I will say, ‘When I have to get home.’ And I thought, That’s interesting. This is my home now and that’s the way I feel about it. I get up in the morning and I look at the news. I’m a newsie. I look at the news and then I will check my e-mail.”

Duane Mevis, Senior Living Resident: “Some people like running or walking. For me, it’s biking. I do it because I feel better when I do it (laughing) and I enjoy it.”

Gloria Rubak, Senior Living Resident: “I lived in a townhouse that did lawn and snow but I had to get the garbage out and that little thing got to be a problem for me. I had a medical emergency and I realized I couldn’t cope with it in my townhouse. Before I came here, I knew what it was but I really had no idea how it worked and so forth. It’s not a nursing home. That’s what a lot of people mix up. That’s entirely different.”

Carol Mevis, Senior Living Resident: “It was something that we had thought about before, but thought that it was going to be further down the road.”

Duane Mevis, Senior Living Resident: “We had way more home than we needed. You had to clean it all, heat it all, cool it all.”

Carol Mevis, Senior Living Resident: “We find when we talk to people about moving to a senior residence that they always say the same thing, ‘We’ve got too much stuff’.”

Duane Mevis, Senior Living Resident: “A basic feeling on my end, and I think yours too, is that it was really kind of freeing to get rid of it.”

Gloria Rubak, Senior Living Resident: “My daughter had to do that. She got stuck getting rid of my stuff and my son also helped with furniture. It was all the stuff I collected, which kind of broke my heart in getting rid of it, but it had to be done.”

Carol Mevis, Senior Living Resident: “It really felt good and comfortable to be here. We still miss our neighbors but we still see them because they’re close by. Here we have more friends because there are more people here and you see them more. It’s really a neat thing to be around so many people.”

Duane Mevis, Senior Living Resident: “Security is really nice when we travel, which isn’t that much. But when we do leave, to just lock the door and not have to worry. It’s nice to have a doctor right in the building too.”

Gloria Rubak, Senior Living Resident: “There’s nothing like a real newspaper that you can take and go through page by page.”

Carol Mevis, Senior Living Resident: “I think we are younger since we came here. Not older.”

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