Activities of Daily Living Checklist

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If your aging parent or loved one isn’t taking care of their personal hygiene or appearance to their usual standards, if they aren’t eating regularly or if their residence is unkempt or unhygienic, those are signs they may need additional help. Charting progress regularly with an Activities of Daily Living checklist allows you to take stock of their quality of life, so you can find the right help as soon as it’s needed.


Activities of Daily Living: Everyday personal care tasks that allow someone to live independently with comfort and dignity. (ADL examples: Toileting, dressing, bathing, eating)

Instrumental Activities of Daily Living: Regular maintenance tasks that ensure a person living independently can provide for themselves. (IADL examples: Shopping, cooking, managing medications, housework)

Use this ADL Checklist as a guide to determine whether having access to qualified, professional help every day would allow your loved one to enjoy a better quality of life.

Download The Activities of Daily Living Checklist