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Roger Landry, MD

Doctor of Preventive Medicine President & Chief Content Officer Masterpiece


Dr. Roger Landry is a preventive medicine physician, and President and Chief Content Officer of Masterpiece, a group of multi-discipline specialists in healthy longevity who partner with communities to enrich their wellness offering and with individuals to support their healthy longevity strategy.

Dr. Landry is the author of the award-winning Live Long, Die Short: A Guide to Authentic Health and Successful Aging. He hosts a podcast, The Bright Side of Longevity.

Trained at Tufts University School of Medicine and Harvard University School of Public Health, Dr. Landry specializes in building environments that empower older adults to maximize their unique potential.

Dr. Landry was a flight surgeon in the Air Force for more than 22 years keeping pilots and other aircrew healthy and performing at their best. One of his charges was world famous test pilot, Chuck Yeager. Dr. Landry retired as a highly decorated full colonel and chief flight surgeon at the Air Force Surgeon General’s Office in Washington, DC after duty on five continents and being medically involved in several significant world events including: Vietnam, the Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster, the Beirut bombing of the Marine Barracks, the first seven Shuttle launches and the first manned balloon crossing of the Pacific.

As a researcher, consultant, author and speaker, he is a powerful voice for healthy longevity.