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Margaret A. Wylde, PhD

Founder and Principle ProMatural Group, LLC


Margaret Wylde founded ProMatura Group, LLC in 1984. Under her leadership, ProMatura has become a global leader in senior housing research. Over her career, she has been fortunate to be a member of multiple professional associations in the US, UK, CA, MX, AU and EU.

As a Board Member of the American Seniors Housing Association and past Chair of the Urban Land Institute’s Senior Housing Council, Margaret’s influence helped shape industry standards. Her contributions extend to boards of the American Society on Aging, the National Association of Senior Living Industries, the Seniors Housing Council of the NAHB and AMAR in Mexico. Margaret played a pivotal role in the development of NIC MAP in 2004.

Margaret has always shared information for the betterment of the industry and has taught at the Erickson School of the University of Maryland in the Executive Development program and has frequently been invited to speak at conferences around the globe. She was awarded the 2007 Icon of the Industry Award from the 50+ Housing Council of NAHB for her enduring contributions.

An accomplished author, Margaret penned five books and numerous papers, including Right House, Right Place, Right Time (2008), Boomers on the Horizon (2002), and Building for a Lifetime (1994). She is often interviewed by news and trade publications including The Chicago Tribune, Wall Street Journal, Overseas Property Professional magazine, and Senior Housing News.

As ProMatura continues to advance initiatives to bring greater transparency and data to the industry, Margaret continues to mentor and provide insights to the next generation of ProMatura leadership.