Retirement Living and Its Impact on Family

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Retirement Living and its Impact on Family

Video Transcript

Shirley & Judy Tobias, Daughter of Senior Living Resident: “Mom knew what she didn’t want to do. “What didn’t I want to do?” You didn’t want to move in with Renee or me. “No, I didn’t want to mess up their lives.”

Shirley & Judy Tobias, Daughter of Senior Living Resident: “Mom has a lot of health issues.” “And I didn’t want them to have to worry.”

Elizabeth & Bill Conley, Senior Living Residents: “We don’t want to be a burden to our children. They all wanted us to live with them but that doesn’t work for me and it wouldn’t work for them or for Bill.”

Elizabeth Conley, Senior Living Resident: “It’s a huge commitment. But once you move in here it’s amazing how things go together and people are so gracious. They are so gracious.”

Shirley Tobias, Senior Living Resident: “They’re very nice and they have good activities. And I probably will move around here more than I would have if I had stayed at the condo.”

Judy Tobias, Daughter of Senior Resident: “There are plenty of functions here where I feel that I can get involved. I’m welcome here anytime. I never feel like I’m imposing.”

Elizabeth Conley, Senior Living Resident: “You can go to an educational class, you can go to a concert. There’s so many opportunities here and they’re always thinking of things to enlighten you.”

Shirley & Judy Tobias, Mother & Daughter Residents: “The staff is great and I’ve gotten very close to them. I always get a hug. All you have to do is mention something. These people are so responsive.”

Elizabeth Conley, Senior Living Resident: “I tell newcomers that, ‘You think they’re acting nice for you?’ Oh no, we love them and they love us. That’s the staff here. They’re great. I always say there’s some kind of magic with their hiring. I do. It’s very special.”

Judy Tobias, Senior Living Resident: “What more can you ask? I couldn’t be there all the time.”

Shirley Tobias, Senior Living Resident: “I would not have made it through if I was at my apartment.”

Judy Tobias, Daughter of Senior Living Resident: “I don’t think she’d be alive. Assisted living is not a place to dump a family member. It’s a place that makes both you and them more secure.”

Elizabeth Conley, Senior Living Resident: “This works for us and our kids knowing that we are happy here…it’s a large burden lifted from them.

Elizabeth & Bill Conley, Senior Living Residents: “Where you live matters.”