The Benefits of Senior Living from Dr. Karl Pillemer

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Video Transcript

Dr. Karl Pillemer…: The first benefit of senior living, it provides a ready made social community. I was talking recently to a former colleague of mine who had resisted any move like this. They were completely concerned about privacy. They were afraid it was going to be overwhelming. I saw her a few months after moving in and she said, and this is a direct quote, “It’s wonderful. It’s like going to a dinner party every night.” There is good evidence now that people remain more physically active in a way that people often don’t do at home.

Dr. Karl Pillemer…: If you have a gym around the corner, if you have personal trainers available, if you have other individuals who are going swimming or doing things, there’s a benefit in terms of physical activity. So one of the greatest benefits is peace of mind for one’s offspring. It means that when they visit you, it’s as a social event, you’re excited, they’re excited, they aren’t worried about you and this is even greater in Continuing Care Retirement Communities or where long-term care insurance is also involved. It means that your kids can enjoy you as a person and not worry about you as an eventual care recipient.