Research Proves Importance of Where Seniors Live



Research Proves Importance of Where Seniors Live

Does Senior Living Lead to Successful Aging?

Dr. Roger Landry, President Masterpiece Living, Author of Live Long, Die Short“It changes the course of the usual aging experience within our society. That experience is one of gradual and growing isolation. That isolation is a killer. It is a risk factor for all the major chronic diseases including Alzheimer’s disease and cancer, depression, and so that is what happens in our society.

Our home, when we are working and rushing around, are havens for us. We love them. We love going home and it’s a beautiful thing. But later on in life, you’re not going out there doing all of that. So now, your haven becomes a prison. And that prison, it puts you at such high risk.

Does Senior Living Contribute to Longer, Healthier Lives?

Senior living offers the ability to be with others. To continue to grow because you grow when you’re with others. When you’re meeting new people, when you’re stimulated by their lives and their stories and their tales. And you meet with them for coffee every day, you learn new skills with them. You’re stimulated to travel or do something that you would have never thought of otherwise.

It changes our immune system. It makes us more resilient and it affects our lifestyle, which as we have said, is the major determinant in how we age.

“I’m Not Ready to Move into a Senior Living Community”

I’m not ready yet is a profound expression of misunderstanding of what senior living is today. It has evolved drastically from the poor houses of the late 19th century, which unfortunately still dominate the understanding of what senior living is.

The fact of affordability…I don’t think that should be a deal breaker because I think there’s a wide range of what someone might be able to afford.

Does Where I Live Really Matter?

If we are alone in our homes, nothing’s going to change. When we are with others, we are stimulated by their adventurousness or their laughter. Or just to meet new people, we tend to be very outgoing. And that is all healthy.

Just talk about it. Find out that perhaps the concept you have of senior living now or retirement communities has evolved and is quite different than what you think it is. Be open to that. Go talk to someone about what it’s really like. I think your eyes will be opened.”

“Where you live matters!”