Planning Ahead for Retirement Living


Planning Ahead For Retirement Living
Video Transcript

Janet Garland, Senior Living Resident: “Bob and I decided that we wanted to give our children a gift. And that gift was to say ‘You don’t have to move us.’ We will make the decision, and this is what we did.”

Maureen Schmitt (Chippas), Senior Living Executive Director: “If someone’s at home and they’ve lost a lot of their friends, maybe family is out of state or working, and their sole existence is at home with family coming to drop off meals or groceries, then you have to look at is that really the best quality of life?”

Bonnie Bernick and Nina Rodriguez, Daughter and Mother: “She was alone. We were trying to kind of come together and see how we can, get there and visit her and make sure everything was OK. And, being diabetic, we kind of felt like maybe, thinking about it. It was hard.”

Janet Garland, Senior Living Resident: “We’ve got everything here. I don’t have to worry about the doctor, going to the bank or going out. Otherwise, I’m very content. I’ve got enough to do here.”

Leslie Eldridge, Senior Living Executive Director: “In my experience and the research that I’ve done, being more social and around people is good for the soul. You can live longer, you stay healthier longer because you have that interaction with people.”

Kyle Exline, Senior Living Executive Director: “We find that once they get over the perception of moving into a retirement community, that they fall in love with the residents, they fall in love with the staff and they’re able to enjoy their retirement the way that they had always envisioned their retirement would be.”

Bonnie Bernick and Nina Rodriguez, Daughter and Mother: “It definitely matters. If she wasn’t happy here then I wouldn’t be happy. Yeah, after that long process – definitely. We think we found a good home here.”

Janet Garland, Senior Living Resident: “It matters, and the quicker you do it, the more involved you can be, the happier I think that you would be. And don’t wait too long.”

Bonnie Bernick and Nina Rodriguez, Daughter and Mother: “I like it here and I love it and I don’t know…I couldn’t possibly be living at my home, let’s face it. But I enjoy it here.”

Leslie Eldridge, Senior Living Executive Director: “They go into the assisted living and, lo and behold, it’s like a flower that, you know, you don’t get enough water and it’s kind of leaning over and you water it and it just comes alive.”

Janet Garland, Senior Living Resident: “Where you live matters!”