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  • Most adult children help their parents with little things like errands or housework. But how do you know if your parent needs the kind of help that’s best given through senior living? Here are 10 Signs Your Parents May Need Extra Help.
  • Wellness is about more than just physical health. It’s a lifestyle approach that offers significant benefits, especially for seniors. Read more about What Does Wellness Really Mean as We Age?

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  • FAQ – What are my senior living options?
  • FAQ – Why should I consider senior living?
    • In this video, Dr. Roger Landry discusses the importance of where you live and the impact it can have on your health and well-being. Watch Video

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Onboarding Emails

Choose content that fits this exploratory phase of the senior living journey.


There are plenty of resources you can print and share during appointments with prospects and their families.

When hosting informational or educational events, you can show videos and include printed content in take-home packets or with your general brochure.

  • Give them an idea of what community life is like with the video, A Day in the Life of a Senior.
  • Underscore the benefits of choosing senior living with these videos featuring Dr. Roger Landry and Dr. Karl Pillemer.
  • Create a booklet using content focused on particular issues such as finances, wellness or making a decision as a family. Find content organized by topic and audience here.