How to Link to Where You Live Matters on Your Website

As part of ASHA’s strategic initiative to educate consumers about their senior living options, the Where You Live Matters program was created. As we reached out for member feedback, we learned members are concerned that adding the Where You Live Matters link would take visitor traffic away from their community’s website.

To alleviate this issue and increase participation from ASHA members, we have outlined two easy solutions to add the link to your website without hurting your website’s traffic numbers. Both allow visitors to open Where You Live Matters in a new tab. When the tab is closed, the visitor is still on your website!

Please watch this video to learn how to add a link to your website so it automatically opens in a new tab.

One solution is to use your content management system. The second is to add a short piece of html code.

The easiest way to make a link open in a new window works great on WYSIWYG systems. Look at the back end of your site. Select the link you’d like to change and either use the chain link on top or click on the pencil edit. Either option will bring you to a box which has an “open link in new tab” box. Click that, and save the edits. When you reload the page, it will open the link in the new tab.

The other way to make the change involves going to the code view – this version works for more advanced users. Look at “visit this text,” and the a-link. To add the functionality, add “target=_blank” in the code after the a-link. Once you update the code, it will open the link in a new page.

That’s it! If you have any trouble, send this video link to your favorite IT co-worker.

Your help educating more consumers about their senior living options will help everyone working in our industry.