We’ve compiled a list of questions received from ASHA members curious about how to use Where You Live Matters in their sales and marketing efforts. If you have any questions, let us know in an email to info@WhereYouLiveMatters.org.

Upload instructions for including communities’ data on the Where You Live Matters Community Locator Tool can be accessed by:

  • Logging into the American Seniors Housing Association website Members Area here.
  • Enter your login credentials and select the Additional Documents tab.
  • The WYLM Community Locator Tool Instructions and other useful tools can be found in the WYLM section.

If you’re a current American Seniors Housing Association member and don’t have login credentials or forgotten your password, please contact Megs Bertoni: mbertoni@seniorshousing.org. If you’re not a member, but would like to become one, please click here to complete the membership application.

  1. You can better educate your prospects via an authoritative, third-party resource about why community living helps people live longer by offering more fulfilling lifestyles and access to support services. Communal living with like-minded people is important to overall health and wellness as we age.
  2. You can better educate yourself regarding the facts about aging well and why where seniors live DOES matter to sharpen sales skills and improve lead conversions.
  3. You’ve already invested in these FREE tools as a part of your ASHA membership.

No. Any consumer or community can use the information on the website. You may share the website URL, Facebook page or Twitter handle with your leads to help educate them about senior living options and wellness.

Where You Live Matters Ambassadors are key marketing, sales and communications contacts who routinely receive program updates and provide input on ASHA’s senior living education initiative.

At the top of this page, click the green bar that says: Become an Ambassador to Where You Live Matters. A form will appear. Complete it and hit Submit. You’ll receive emails from the Where You Live Matters program highlighting different ways to implement these tools.

No. You’ll find instructions to add a text link or use your content management system to ensure the Where You Live Matters website opens in a new tab. Once people leave the Where You Live Matters website, your community’s website will still be open. To learn more, view this video and follow the instructions provided.

Website content can be downloaded, printed, shared on your community’s social channels, or emailed directly from the website form. You’re welcome to access resources on the Toolkit page and post on the program’s Facebook page: Where You Live Matters and join the conversation on Twitter.

  1. Find instructions to add the Where You Live Matters logo or link to your website’s home page. You can download logo formats for online and offline use. You’ll find graphics for your use on social media channels along with sample blog posts. You even have simple HTML code to add the program logo to your email signature. (Scroll to bottom of the page.) Join in by sharing your social posts on the program’s Facebook page: Where You Live Matters and join the conversation on Twitter.
  2. Share the link on your community’s social media pages.
  3. Email the link to prospects, staff members and residents.

Yes. You can use any and or all of them. Print the checklists and place them in your sales information kits. Download the Dimensions of Wellness, Continuum of Care or the Choose a Community or Live at Home? infographics. Print them for prospects and their families. Use the content in your presentations. All we ask is that you source the Where You Live Matters.org website when content is used by your sales staff or community.

You’ll find this tool on each page of content. Just click Share to send it to your community’s Facebook page or your personal/professional pages on Facebook page, Twitter account or your LinkedIn page.

To email any content to an interested adult or family member, click Email on the toolbar and the form below will pop up. Complete the form and hit Email Now.


To print video scripts, articles or downloads, click Print. The following page will appear, and you can print, save as a PDF or email directly to a lead or family member.


No. Dr. Roger Landry, Joy Loverde, Dick Edwards and Donna Robbins weren’t paid for their participation in the Where You Live Matters program. Their involvement has been purely to help educate consumers about why community living can help seniors live longer lives. If you have recommendations for additional experts to feature, send your recommendations to info@whereyoulivematters.org.

Yes. We welcome any content that is research-based or provides a unique perspective consumers can use to better understand their options. Content must be educational in nature. Content cannot promote a specific community or be a “paid, commercial” resource.

If your content is approved, your name and community will be included in the byline of the content. To keep the website unbiased, the community name won’t link back to your website.

Please visit the How to Submit New Content box, which includes instructions about how to submit content and a list of content we’d love to include on the website.

If you have any questions, let us know in an email to info@WhereYouLiveMatters.org.