Community Locator Tool Information

Upload instructions for including communities’ data on the Where You Live Matters Community Locator Tool can be accessed by:

  • Visit the American Seniors Housing Association website.
  • Enter your login credentials and from the top navigation click on the MEMBERS AREA tab.
  • Scroll down to SPECIAL ISSUE BRIEFS / INDUSTRY RESEARCH and scroll until you find the accordion named WYLM COMMUNITY LOCATOR TOOL.
  • The accordion opens and there are several links. If you have not already added your communities, you need to first complete the Google form. This is then sent to Attane who verifies with me that you are a current member. They will then send you instructions on how to upload and provide you with credentials to submit your CVS file. This part of the process can take a couple of weeks.

If you’re a current American Seniors Housing Association member and don’t have login credentials or forgotten your password, please contact Megs Bertoni: If you’re not a member, but would like to become one, please click here to complete the membership application.