Overcoming Senior Living Fears



Overcoming Senior Living Fears

Camille Tracer, Senior Living Resident: “You never know from day to day what’s going to happen. I mean, that’s not original with me, except that one day I was fine and I was on my way to Europe, and the next day, I was in surgery.”

Nancy Frillman, Daughter of Senior Living Resident: “We, me and my sisters and brothers, were always worried. Is she eating? You know, what is she doing? Is she trying to cook? Is she going out, you know, without letting us know?”

Gloria Panico, Senior Living Resident: “You’d like to be home. But I don’t think there’s any chance for me in the near future of going home because my health is, it’s still threatened, you know?”

Nancy Frillman, Daughter of Senior Living Resident: “If that person was left in their home, with maybe home care, which is fine, HOWEVER, the social stimulation that they might be getting at home is not there.”

Camille Tracer, Senior Living Resident: “When you reach a certain age and stage in life, that is a very, the most important thing is where you are. And who’s with you. And the community that’s around you and your living spaces. I mean, this place just has it all.”

Gloria Panico, Senior Living Resident: “I wasn’t afraid of being away from home, I mean, I wasn’t…because I knew my family was all close to me. And everything here was…you just fall right in with it, you know? There’s no problems at all.”

Camille Tracer, Senior Living Resident: “He doesn’t have to worry about taking care of me, he doesn’t have to worry about my health, he doesn’t…he’s been through enough with me with my health, and we’re totally taken care of here. It’s like being in a cocoon.”

Gloria Panico, Senior Living Resident: “I do miss being the queen in my own little kingdom there, with my flowers, my yard, my porch, my neighbors and all that. That’s the one thing you miss.”

Nancy Frillman, Daughter of Senior Living Resident: “I love knowing that someone’s popping in on her and saying hi and knows her at dinner…. knows her name, knows where she sits, what she likes. And it happens. Inevitably, it’s going to happen.”

Elizabeth & Bill Conley, Senior Living Residents: “I am thriving here. I’m fine. I have a good time. We have a lot of fun, really. You know.”

Camille Tracer, Senior Living Resident: “Where you live matters!”