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Gifts for Your Senior Dad This Father’s Day

three generations sitting on dock and fishing little boy adult child and elderly man grandfather

If you’re searching for Father’s Day gifts for your senior dad, here are a few creative ideas that will make him feel special.

Take him out – outside, that is. Head outdoors for some activities the whole family can enjoy.

  • Go to a baseball game. Tickets to a major or minor league game make for a lively afternoon or evening.
  • Go fishing. A spot on the shore or dock, a cooler of snacks and beverages, and some fishing gear are all you need for a pleasant way to spend the day together.
  • Go on a treasure hunt. Beaches, fields and parks are good spots to comb for treasures with a metal detector. A different kind of treasure hunt, Geocaching, leads you from clue to clue around town, until you find the hidden treasure. If your dad is fairly mobile and the grandkids are around, this could be an interesting way for them to have fun.

See the local sights. Explore some local spots that are either his favorites or something new he’d enjoy.

  • Tour a local microbrewery or vineyard. Sign up for a tasting tour and sip some locally made beverages.
  • Explore a museum. Does he like art, history or nature? Take a guided tour or just wander and soak it all in at your own pace.
  • Take a day trip. Is there an interesting town or attraction nearby that he’d like to explore? Make a day of it with lunch, photos, and good conversation on the road.

Relax indoors. No need to go out when you can have a good time at home.

  • Make it a classic movie night by renting or streaming his favorites. Westerns, war movies, film noir or screwball comedies – get a list of his favorites, pop some popcorn and cheer on the good guys together.
  • Ask him to tell stories. He’s lived a long, interesting life – and he’s got stories to tell. You can have the family ask about his teenage years or travels. Or, with his permission, you can use the free StoryCorps app to record his stories for posterity. The app guides you through the interview experience, even helping you prepare questions. Then you can record the interview on your mobile device and upload it to the Library of Congress Folklife Center and to the StoryCorps archive.
  • Share his hobby. Does he have an indoor hobby like woodworking, art or model trains? Get the grandkids together and have him work on a project with them. He gets to share his interests, and they get to learn from his experience. 

Wrap it up. If you like to give the kinds of gifts you wrap, here are a few ideas.

  • Frame some family history. Prints with the origin of his last name make an impressive gift that gives insight into where your family came from. Good for history and genealogy buffs.
  • Expand his library. If he’s a reader, get him the latest series from his favorite author, or expose him to new authors in his favorite genre. You can find early editions of classic books or signed editions by his favorite writer. Audiobooks and e-books are great ways to share literature, too.
  • Give him a new puzzle challenge. If he enjoys jigsaw puzzles and newspapers, he’ll enjoy this New York Times front page puzzle. It comes in 3 options, easy (300 pieces), regular (500 pieces), and hard (1,000 pieces).

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