Behind the Scenes at a Retirement Community

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Behind the Scenes at a Retirement Community
Video Transcript

Jocelyn Lee, Assisted Living Director at Autumn Green: “Everybody has a story about why they like health care. If you’re a baseball player, there’s a reason you like baseball. There’s something about it that does something for you.”

Sabina Stieber, Resident Aide at Brookdale: “My grandparents live in Europe. I never had that close connection and I thought it could be good for me so I wanted to try it out and fell in love with it. Waking up every single day, I’m ready to come to work. I’m ready to come help and enrich these people’s lives just as much as they enrich mine. The relationships that you build with these individuals are incredible. Absolutely love it. It feels like a family here.”

Nancy Frillman, Concierge/Driver at Belmont Village: “I think they think of me as a son, daughter, family member and I like that because that establishes a rapport.”

Jan Hutchinson, Executive Director at Brookdale: “This is the greatest generation. And I’ve worked with seniors my whole professional career. They have insight into so many things. They have knowledge, they have experience.”

Sabina Stieber, Resident Aide at Brookdale: “Whenever I need advice or any input on anything, these people will give you a very honest opinion and very real. It’s great.”

Jocelyn Lee, Assisted Living Director at Autumn Green: “There’s so much we can learn from them. There’s so much that they have within themselves that we can help with. Every little bit we can help with that adds a smile to their day is worth every ounce of it to me.”

Ryan Ferrell, Dining Service Director at Autumn Green: “I really want to create that comfortable family environment. The thing that I realized as soon as I got here was this isn’t just a job. These people live here. This is their home.”

Jan Hutchinson, Executive Director at Brookdale: “Our whole mission in life is, every morning, what can we do to make it a good day. What are we doing today? Who do we need to help? Who can we support?”

Sabina Stieber, Resident Aide at Brookdale: “When you have that individual that comes in the morning and is like, ‘You can do it. I know you can do it,’ I think it kind of gives them that…I can do it, I will do it.”

Nancy Frillman, Concierge/Driver at Belmont Village: “I make it a goal for myself everyday to leave here knowing I crossed everybody’s T’s and dotted everyone’s I’s.”

Jan Hutchinson, Executive Director at Brookdale: “We’ve had a lot of great feedback from the families and from residents about how their lives have changed since they’ve moved.”

Sabina Stieber, Resident Aide at Brookdale: “These environments for these individuals are so positive, and so full of good people that want to be here and want to help them on a daily basis to fulfill their lives.”